Author Q&A

  1.  How would you introduce your book to a friend in a sentence or two?
    The Restoration of a Woman’s Soul is a memoir, and it is a ride that dips down into the sadness and despair of sin before ultimately rising with the joy and happiness of God’s love and forgiveness and how God transformed a dead soul from a withered flower to a glowing restored rose full of life.

  2. How did you come to write this book?
    The Lord revealed to me that He wanted me to tell my story in order to help others come out of their sins. Someone else has done the same things that I had done and they need to know that there is a way out. He revealed to me that my experience was meant to be shared. He asked me to tell them my story so that others might learn from the struggles I overcame and also bask in His forgiveness and glory and receive total restoration, deliverance, reassurance, peace and freedom in Christ in their lives.

  3. Who does the book appeal to and why?
    The Restoration of a Woman’s Soul is for women above the age of 12 (both Christian and non-Christian) who have experienced pain and frustration in their lives, particularly concerning their salvation. It’s for those who may be dealing with issues such as abortion, loneliness, sexual promiscuity, low self-esteem, the sin of blasphemy and other sins that people may have committed and think they may not be forgiven for. It is also for those who struggle with their identity in Christ, people who want to overcome and live for Christ, and those that may have messed up that don’t feel that they can be given a second chance. It talks about a woman’s restoration, but men can benefit from it as well.

  4. What one thing do you want readers to learn/take away from this work?
    No matter what they are into or how low they have fallen, they can come out of their sins. If anyone repents and comes back to God, He will forgive them. 2 Chronicles 7:14 says, “If my people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and I will heal their land.”

  5. Tell me how this book is unlike others with similar topics. What sets it apart from the crowd?
    This book tells my story. But the reason this book is different goes beyond that. It gives my personal testimony and it’s my belief that seeing the hardships that I went through and learning how I overcame them will help women deal with their own problems, however big or small they might be. In the book people will find:

    • I share with people that God still loves them and wants a relationship with them, no matter what they have done.

    • Suggestions on how they can draw close to God through praise, worship and prayer.

    • At the end of each chapter, a section titled “Your Journey” which includes thought-provoking questions so that readers can properly reflect on their lives and consider areas they may need to address

    • In the last chapter, I share 14 tips on how the reader can go about starting to build that relationship with God.

    • And I’ve included prayers that readers may use to ask for deliverance, forgiveness, cleansing, repentance and protection.

  6. When and where does your story take place?
    Houston, TX from the 1960’s to the present.

  7. What three words best describe this story?
    Heartfelt, open and powerful!

  8. What was the most challenging part about writing this book?
    The hardest thing about writing this book was revealing to the public a lot of my personal information about the things that I did, but it was necessary in order to help others, because my life was a testimony to someone else.

  9. Is there anything we haven't covered here that you feel is important for people to know about your book?
    Yes. Never say what you can’t do, because with God anything is possible. You can go as far as you believe you can go. Proverbs 23:7 says, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." Your biggest hindrance is yourself.

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